Johan Urban Bergquist: Dreams and Other Important Stuff

With the exhibition Dreams and Other Important Stuff Johan Urban Bergquist presents art related to years of processual dream work. Through drawings, writings, sound pieces and performance the Swedish-born, Oslo-based artist introduces audiences to new logics and alternative orders. When working with Alice in Wonderland during his years at Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts, entering the role of Alice became one gateway to the otherworldly universes he has been exploring ever since.

Malin Bülow: Elastic Bonding

Describing it herself as “site-sensitive, sensi-claustrophobic interventions” Malin Bülow’s Elastic Bonding explores the possibilities of elasticity and fluidity within rigid frameworks. The work has previously been set up different versions, latest during CHART SOCIAL at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen, but also at SOFT gallery in Oslo, Cosmoscow International Art Fair in Moscow, Kunstbanken performance festival in Hamar and at Sted Søker Kunst in Ski.

Review: Stand Studio AW19 | DANSK Magazine

On the third day of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Swedish Stand Studio showcased their AW19 collection under the roof of Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen’s third oldest church. The spacious room and the high white ceilings formed the perfect frame for a fashion show. However, it was in this sanctuary setting we came to realize that we’ve lost our lust for block colour faux fur stolas and leather—snake skin—teddy fabric combinations mix and match.

Decolonizing the Runway: Otahpiaaki Indigenous Fashion Week | DANSK Magazine

As the European fashion week scene faces its trinity days between S/S and F/W 2019 shows, a young but impactful fashion event has just taken place for the third time in Calgary, Alberta. Not only does this event present us to talented designers and new collections, it also challenges our ideas of what a fashion week is and can be. The Otahpiaaki Indigenous Beauty, Fashion and Design Week was founded three years ago at the Mount Royal University in Calgary AB, Canada.

DANSK Loves Bibi Chemnitz | DANSK Magazine

Working between Copenhagen and Greenland, Bibi Chemnitz has pioneered a design identity for the people of the world’s biggest island, and given a unique creative voice to a community often neglected in the mainstream political conversation. As she continues to grow her vision of political streetwear internationally, we caught up with the designer and her partner David Røgilds – discussing Arctic summers, cultural heritage, and how to make it at Paris Fashion Week.

Watch: Fashion’s Dirty Secrets | DANSK Magazine

As summer turns to fall, Netflix offers a wide selection range of interesting, watch worthy fashion documentaries. Dries, Manolo and Jeremy Scott; The Peoples Designer (watch it! You will never again think Moschino without also thinking Scott’s adorable parents). In the series The Social Fabric, streetwear designer Kyle Ng travels the world to discover the origins and meanings of iconic accessories and garment pieces.

Zadig & Voltaire opens new Flagship Store by Bernard Dubois | DANSK Magazine

A few fashion stores are worth visiting just because of the architecture and design. Need we say Prada? The Prada glass building in Tokyo Aoyama by Herzog and de Meuron, and Rem Koolhaas’ Prada epicentre in New York are not to be overlooked. These days the french brand Zadig & Voltaire are launching a new flagship store by the Belgian architect and La Cambre graduate Bernard Dubois.

A Final Bow: Peter Jensen Departs Namesake Brand after 20 Years of Playful Fashion | DANSK Magazine

In artist Joan Jonas’ work Double Lunar Rabbits (2010), currently on view at Tate Modern as part of her retrospective show, Jonas’ explores the image of the rabbit on the moon. In a two-channel video displayed on curved screens, a narrative built around Japanese and Aztec folklore unfolds: A God, living on Earth in the image of a man, is on a journey and eventually gets hungry and tired.

DANSK Loves Victoria Ladefoged | DANSK Magazine

Not unlike the chapter in Gone With the Wind where Scarlett O’Hara makes a robe out of Tara’s green velvet curtains, Victoria Ladefoged’s grandmother used to transform old drapes into stunning dresses. The drapes were leftovers from the bookstore she owned, and Victoria reminisces her elegantly wearing them around the shop. Both her grandmother and mom were efficient sewers; turning drapes into dresses wasn’t done out of need, but because the fabric was nice and on hand.
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Five things we learned from Patrik Kittel’s clinic in Herning

Number three had us in total stitches. SPOT ON. There was barely an empty tribune seat when Patrik Kittel entered the massive arena at Herning Stallion Show this year to do his first ever clinic in Denmark. The attentive audience kept its eyes on the ring from where Kittel instructed his student and rider Malin Nillson who sat on top of the magnificent Honnaiser SJ, a 6-year old chestnut dream.

Patrik Kittel on why dressage should be fun

No stressage, please: Kittel gives us his refreshing thoughts on the magical sport in an exclusive interview. Watching Patrik Kittel ride is nothing short of a tremendous treat. The abundance of ease and elegance we witness no matter what horse we see him working with is of course a result of hours and hours in the saddle. But Kittel’s great finesse also seems to stem from a sense of playfulness and a profound joy of riding – a joy he is not afraid to either show or share.

Group exhibition explores the fascination with the horse as a symbol and myth in contemporary art

Catch a different kind of horse show at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking district. Think about how the horse is represented in art and you might conjure images of ancient cave paintings, rider statues or portraits of warhorses charging into battle. Most people recognise the famous stop motion film The Horse in Motion made by Eadweard Muybridge in 1878 to clarify whether a galloping horse is ever fully airborne.

Andreas and Christian Schou launch equestrian collection

The showjumpers talk us through A·Equipment, their tightly curated, luxe edit of handsome horse and rider gear – without the A-list price tag. Many things can be said about the equestrian world but “equipment-poor” isn’t its most characteristic feature. No matter how prosaic the function of an item, you’re always facing what feels like a limitless and at times confusing range of options.

Legendary composer Bent Fabricius-Bjerre discusses his love of horses

The Danish pianist on the joys of riding a sensible horse – and the time his not-so-sensible racehorse filly Alley Cat jumped the cash register at the track with her jockey on top. He is a pianist and composer who has written pretty much every iconic theme from Danish television, theatre and film, from the seminal Matador series to contemporary black comedy cinema. His 1962 hit instrumental song “Alley Cat” won him international acclaim and a US Grammy.

What it’s like to be a groom for a four-legged superstar

Well-groomed: Gitte Hansen on looking after Danish dressage rider Agnete Kirk Thinggaard’s precious pony. As we all know, taking care of horses means long hours and hard work. It’s not just physically demanding: you also have to be sensitive to register how the horses act and whether they behave differently. Being responsible for your own horse is quite a big deal – looking after someone else’s is even more challenging.